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Intermediate Python Programming Course

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Take your Python skills to the next level with this intermediate Python course. First, you will get a review of basic concepts such as lists, strings, and dictionaries, but with an emphasis on some lesser known capabilities. Then, you will learn more advanced topics such as threading, multiprocessing, context managers, generators, and more.

馃捇 Code: https://github.com/python-engi....neer/python-engineer

馃帴 Course from Patrick Loeber. Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCbXgNpp0jedKWcQiU

馃敆 Written Tutorials from Patrick: https://www.python-engineer.co....m/courses/advancedpy

猸愶笍 Course Contents 猸愶笍
鈱笍 (0:00:00) Intro
鈱笍 (0:00:56) Lists
鈱笍 (0:16:30) Tuples
鈱笍 (0:29:49) Dictionaries
鈱笍 (0:42:40) Sets
鈱笍 (0:58:44) Strings
鈱笍 (1:22:50) Collections
鈱笍 (1:36:43) Itertools
鈱笍 (1:51:50) Lambda Functions
鈱笍 (2:04:03) Exceptions and Errors
鈱笍 (2:20:10) Logging
鈱笍 (2:42:20) JSON
鈱笍 (2:59:42) Random Numbers
鈱笍 (3:14:23) Decorators
鈱笍 (3:35:32) Generators
鈱笍 (3:53:29) Threading vs Multiprocessing
鈱笍 (4:07:59) Multithreading
鈱笍 (4:31:05) Multiprocessing
鈱笍 (4:53:26) Function Arguments
鈱笍 (5:17:28) The Asterisk (*) Operator
鈱笍 (5:30:19) Shallow vs Deep Copying
鈱笍 (5:40:07) Context Managers


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